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Used Car Leasing

How Does it Work?
  • Apply Online
  • Determine Your Monthly Payment Range
  • Choose The Vehicle You Like & Can Afford
  • Sign Agreement & Pick Up Your Car
  • Keep The Car, Return & Repeat, or Buy It At Anytime

The car buying process can often be filled with hurdles, but not when you come to Top Tier Motors LLC! With our Lease To Own program, you can seize an array of benefits that would often be restricted to you at other used car dealerships. If you have poor credit score - Don't worry! Top Tier Motors LLC has created a Lease To Own program to help eliminate the financial stress of buying a used vehicle.

This is what you need to qualify
  • Valid Drivers License
  • References
  • Proof Of Residence
  • Lease Set-up Amount
  • Proof Of Insurance
  • Proof Of Income

If you find yourself in a tough spot down the road and can't hold on to your vehicle, know that you can pay all monies due up to that time and simply return the vehicle. If you end up lasting the entirety of your lease term, you have three options:

  • Purchase the vehicle for its residual value
  • Trade it in for a different vehicle
  • Simply return it
Frequently Asked Questions
A. Top Tier Motors gives little importance to your credit score. Your approval is based on your income, job stability, and references. This information is used to help determine the level of payment you can afford. We tailor your payments to fit your finances!
A. This is the perfect program for you. Top Tier Motors can say yes! You do not have to risk lowering your credit score because we there is no credit check. You are not applying for a loan.
A. Obtaining an auto loan when you have a low credit score requires a large down payment with interest rates in a range of 19.99% to 36.99%. Most individuals seeking a lease to own option, can’t get financing to buy a car so whether it is cheaper or more expensive is not the issue. The issue is that you need an affordable vehicle and Top Tier Motors can get you into one through this program.
A. It is true. You will see the proof in the Lease To Own agreement. It states you may voluntarily terminate the Rent To Own agreement, without penalty, before the end of the term. You just turn in the keys, leave the vehicle in good condition, be current on your payments and walk away with no further penalty. No repossession will appear on your credit report. When you get back on your feet – financially – come back and Top Tier Motors will help get you back into another vehicle.
A. Absolutely! You can terminate your Lease To Own agreement at any time, for any reason. So yes, it is possible and easy to change (or upgrade) vehicles.
A. There is no catch. Top Tier Motors wants to genuinely help you and keep you as a long-term customer. Do not settle for anything less! What other program will help you get into a vehicle at a payment that fits your budget, without judging you based on your credit score? What program will let you return the vehicle at any time, for any reason, without questions and will still welcome you back into another vehicle once you get on your feet again.